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One of the most important missions of any organization is to keep the people involved in its operation safe. Our staff have worked for over thirty-five years

with the nation's most elite law enforcement agencies, companies and 

universities to provide training that helps identify, assess, and manage threats

before violence occurs. Our work has been featured on 60 Minutes, The Wall

Street JournalThe Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times.

We provide interactive programs that proactively minimize the potential risk of unsafe, undesirable and costly situations. The following is a representative list of services we offer:

Preventing Violence in Universities: Behavioral Threat Assessment
Interactive training based on the latest research conducted by the U.S. Secret Service, FBI, and

the Department of Education on threat assessment and prevention of targeted school violence.

Interactive Behavioral Simulations™ are customized for the unique needs and culture of each university.




Preventing Violence in the Workplace

This training session familiarizes participants with key principles and strategies of violence prevention as part of a company-wide effort to provide a safe workplace. Strategies are presented that help attendees determine if someone could pose a threat and demonstrates who to contact when concerning workplace behavior occurs.

Participants participate in Interactive Behavioral Simulations™ created that reflect potential real-world company events. 





See the videos below about how we train Secret Service agents, threat assessment teams and company employees.


David Swink discusses how to prevent school shootings in the wake of the Parkland massacre.

Watch a CBS 60 Minutes cover SI team members,  David Swink and Barry Spodak, train Secret Service agents to help prevent assassinations (Jan 16, 2000)

Watch a CBS 60 Minutes interview with SI Senior Consultant, Barry Spodak about the mass shooting in Tucson.  

(Barry speaks at 10:23)  (Jan 16, 2011).

Watch CBS 60 Minutes cover our work in

threat assessment in schools (March 2003)

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