Our subject matter experts facilitate active learning through live, highly customized Interactive Behavioral Simulations™ enabling participants to develop practical skills quickly and effectively. Below are examples of our Leadership Programs:



The EEOC Select Task Force on The Study of Harassment in the Workplace (2016) concluded the following concerning anti-harassment training:

"Training should be conducted by qualified, live, and interactive trainers. Live trainers who are dynamic, engaging, and have full command of the subject matter are the most likely to deliver effective training. It is important for a trainer to provide examples of such conduct, or have individuals portray scenarios of such conduct."

Strategic Interactions has been conducting this style of training since 1994 with over 75,000+ people in workplaces throughout the world.

This live interactive course uses client-specific Interactive Behavioral Simulations™ enacted by the teaching team, that depict potential workplace harassment situations.  The simulations help clarify what behaviors constitute harassment, as well as inappropriate and appropriate workplace behavior. Most importantly, this course builds a culture of respect by teaching intervention skills to managers, those who are offended, those who have offended, and observers of offensive behavior.



Everyone engages in challenging conversations from time to time. These may include talking about compensation, conflicts between team members or going to the boss with some bad news. This program gives participants the skills to navigate those important conversations.


Participants learn how to identify and respond subtle nonverbal cues to establish rapport, manage conflict and positively influence others. Participants also explore what medium (face-to-face, email, telephone) is best to use in challenging conversations. Managing one's own emotions and dealing effectively with the emotional responses of others is also presented.  Interactive Behavioral Simulations™ give participants the chance to practice challenging conversations in a highly realistic setting.




The latest social science and neuroscience research on emotional and social intelligence is explored in this interactive workshop. Tools for developing emotional and social intelligence are presented and demonstrated through Interactive Behavioral Simulations™. Our Learning Facilitators are certified in the Emotional and Social Competence Inventory (ESCI) that measures emotional intelligence.





In today’s customer-centric world, companies expect everyone to help increase business with customers and seek new opportunities. In addition to sales and marketing staff, front line and technical staff also need the social intelligence skills required to provide great customer service and expand business opportunities. 


This program gives participants the social intelligence skills to establish rapport quickly, use influence, and be aware of and proactively respond to subtle signs of customer dissatisfaction.




If delivered well, feedback develops, encourages and challenges us. If delivered poorly, it demoralizes, demotivates, and negatively impacts individuals, teams and customers. This is especially true during a performance appraisal. Studies show that performance appraisals are one of the most dreaded activities in the workplace, yet if done well, the feedback conversations are invaluable. 


This program will increase participants’ ability to give "as needed" feedback and create an environment where employees and managers can openly exhange ideas about performance and achieving goals. This program engages participants through the use of client-specific, live behavioral simulations enacted by the our team.



Leaders of change must know how to communicate in a way that influences, engages and empowers others impacted by change. Employees need to willingly shift their own thinking, beliefs and behaviors in order to support and sustain workplace change. 


Knowing how to minimize resistance and energize people to support change are critical leadership competencies.


This program gives participants the skills and tools to conduct change conversations for addressing employee concerns, building trust and facilitating authentic engagement and productivity.


In this highly interactive program, participants learn essential team leadership skills that maintain high levels of engagement, trust and collaboration, whether team members are co-located or offsite. Strategies for leveraging generational differences are also presented. Real-life customized Interactive Behavioral Simulations™, enacted by our teaching team, are used to enhance the transfer of skills to the work environment.


D I V E R S I T Y  &  I N C L U S I O N


Creating An Inclusive Workforce                         

First level diversity and inclusion training that focuses on awareness regarding the importance of valuing diversity in the workplace and identifying and managing subtle unconscious biases. 

Includes skills-building using live, customized simulations, enacted by our diverse team of Learning Facilitators.  


Leveraging a Diverse Workforce                         

Second level simulation-based diversity and inclusion training that develops more complex skills for leveraging the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce.


Generational Synergy… Bridging the Gap           

Experiential program that provides participants with skills to increase intergenerational understanding, synergy, and communication to enhance teamwork and the ability to recruit and retain multigenerational talent.  

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